Planting Pomegranates


Edible Landscaping

Our Pomegranate cuttings have arrived! We are planting several dozen of the
Wonderful variety as a hedge along the fence.
The Pomegranates, along with grapes, are part of our edible landscaping project.


Pomegranates thrive in hot, dry climates. The grow best from cuttings. We planted
them several feet apart in a sunny area of the field.

Pomegranates are adaptable to many soil types, though they grow best in
loamy soil with good drainage. The ideal climate is zone 7 to 12, with short,
mild winters and low humidity. They may be grown in containers in colder
places, and kept indoors or in a greenhouse over winter.

Pomegranates require little water and are drought tolerant, though will
produce considerably less fruit during drought years.